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Service2000 / ServiceShop Utilities & Downloads


Needed for setting up ServiceShop to import Alldata-created estimates.

  • Download this file ("ASCIMATE Installer.exe) to each PC you wish to set up to import Alldata-created estimates.
  • Double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on your screen.
    Note that the files with file names such as "00000001.EST" are actual Alldata-created estimates that can be used for test purposes.

Further information can be found in ServiceShop's On-line help.


A/R Statement Collection Labels

A collection of creative and different label designs in MS Word format for use with Avery 5260 labels. (3 columns, 30 labels per page). Since the Avery label design has 3 columns, some of the designs have 3 different designs (one in each column), with gradually increasing urgency in each column.


New Style Calc-Box


For more information about what this Calc Box does and why it might be needed, contact GenesisFour Technical Support.
To view, click the link. To download, right click and then choose "Save Target As...". Save the file onto your desktop, and then copy it to the folder called "ServiceShop Client" on each PC workstation you wish to use the new Calc Box.


Dymo Label Templates

  • Dymo Labels for ServiceShop Dymo Label (Customer, Vendor and Parts)


For more information about what these templates can do for you please go to: and ask for a call back concerning this.

To download, click and then choose "Save". Save the file onto your desktop, and then copy it to the folder called "ServiceShop Client" on each PC workstation you wish to use the new template.


Customer Search Method

If all your customers are companies you will want the company name to appear at the top left corner of your invoices, and you will want the default customer search method to be by company. There is a feature in S2K that addresses this issue quite nicely - it is a switch, which allows you to swap the default "File As". This changes the way both the screen (on the Customer Tab of the Customer Desktop) and the printed invoice appear....


Gross Profit Reference Charts

Handy gross profit quick-reference charts. Click to view, or right click and choose "Save target as..." to download:



Mailing & Marketing

  • Word Templates  (Word

Word Templates from Microsoft Office 2003/2007 for use with ServiceShop's Marketing & Mailing module. Unzip and copy the folder “ServiceShop_Template” to any suitable folder on each PC you wish to use to generate letters. Remember that Microsoft Word 2003/2007 is a requirement for this feature to work.

File location recommendations for Word template files: create a folder that will never be uninstalled inadvertently.

Consider establishing a backup strategy for this folder.

  • Recommendations for Single User systems: put them on the C:\ drive at C:\ServiceShop_Templates
  • Recommendations for Network Edition systems: install on the server in the ServiceShop Shared folder at: C:\ServiceShopDB\Shared\ServiceShop_Template

NOTICE: All of these Templates will need to be updated with your personal information,
for help with that, please send a support request at
and we will be glad to work with you as necessary.  

All New Marketing Report


QuickBooks Sample Chart of Accounts

Note: ServiceShop's integration to QuickBooks requires QuickBooks 2001 or newer.

When making your selection, be sure to match your QuickBooks version.

(Note: These files are zipped, are very small, and will download very fast. You will have to unzip them before you can use them.)

This is a sample QuickBooks Chart Of Accounts designed to work with ServiceShop. It was created in QuickBooks, and then exported from QuickBooks as an *.iif file. Since it can be directly imported into both QuickBooks and into ServiceShop as well, it vastly simplifies the setup process for both programs. Of course, you may wish to add other G/L accounts to suit your own accounting requirements. If so, bring it into QuickBooks and make your changes before bringing it into ServiceShop.

To do this in QuickBooks 2001, -2, -3, -4, and -6:
(see below for QuickBooks 2005)

  1. Working from within QuickBooks: Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Import this file into QuickBooks by clicking on File, Utilities, Import, then click on "Chart Of Accounts", then click on OK.
  3. Modify the Chart of Accounts as needed.
  4. Export the Chart of Accounts. To do this click on File, Utilities, Export, then click on "Chart of Accounts", then OK.
  5. Working from within ServiceShop: Import the file created in step 3 into ServiceShop. To do this click on Configuration, System Settings, then click on QuickBooks Interface, then click on File, Import QuickBooks COA, then select the file to be imported.
  6. Configure all 3 of ServiceShop's QuickBooks screens located under Configuration, QuickBooks Interface. Click here to view these 3 screens fully configured using this sample Chart of Accounts.

To do this in QuickBooks 2005, the procedure is the same except that there is no "Utilities" choice.

Sample Disclaimers

Here's an initial setup time-saver for you: rather than typing all your messages and disclaimers into your new ServiceShop installation, copy and paste from these samples, then edit to suit.


State-Specific Documents & Forms



This utility will configure the Wrenchead's Part-Select Wincat to work with ServiceShop. This utility must be downloaded and then run on EACH PC on which Wincat is installed. Doing this will enable the integration between Wincat and ServiceShop by making the "Post To POS" button appear in Wincat. (This is the button you click on to push your selected parts into ServiceShop. The "Post To POS" button will not be visible within Wincat until you run this utility.

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Choose "Save to your computer". Download it to your desktop or to your Downloads folder.
  3. Install the Wrenchead Part-Select Wincat software. Make a note of the Wincat installation path.
  4. Shut down ServiceShop.
  5. Double-click on this downloaded file to run it. (It is called "Config Part Select.exe". You won't be able to tell that anything happened.)
  6. Start ServiceShop and open a service order or estimate.
  7. From within the service order or estimate, click on Import, Parts Select Wincat.
  8. The Wrenchead Parts Select Catalog welcome screen will appear. Click Next.
  9. Click Browse. Browse to and select the Wincat installation path (typically "C:\Program Files\Part-Select Wincat")
  10. Launch Wrenchead Wincat from within ServiceShop. Click "Browse" to specify the Wincat installation path. Click Next. Click Launch.


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