"I just checked our sales for the month and our gross profit is up by at least 20%. This is almost entirely due to using ServiceShop."
Lori Williams
Gary's Full Service Auto Repair Aurora, CO

Why you need to upgrade to ServiceShop


As a Senior Service Manager user who has not yet taken the upgrade plunge, it might be mildly comforting to know that you're not alone. As of January 2008, about 70% of Senior Service Manager users have upgraded to ServiceShop - including many hardcore Senior Service Manager enthusiasts.

Sooner or later, dated technology is retired, and newer, faster, more reliable technology takes its place. This is not something to resist; it's something to embrace. It's time to bring yourself up to speed and take the plunge.

Those who have upgraded cannot believe how primitive the old system now seems by comparison, and simply cannot figure out what they were so worried about. The time has come for all the remaining die-hards to get off the old bandwagon and onto the new one. ServiceShop is taking the place of many remaining Senior Service Manager systems.

And with all the progress that’s been made in the past 10 years, holing yourself up in the Senior Service Manager camp like a rebel fighting for a lost cause just no longer makes any sense. You may as well insist on using a mechanical typewriter instead of the personal computer.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to ServiceShop

1)       Reliability – old equipment failures consume upgrade funds – this is a terrible waste of money

2)       Increased Profit  - the new system brings new and better ways to increase profit (easier matrix pricing, menu pricing, reduced inventory shrinkage); the old system silently deprives you of this profit

3)       Technological Advancement – your old system silently deprives you of new technology; you probably don’t even know what you’re missing out on

4)       Better Accounting – the new system gets you to QuickBooks, which has become the universal standard for small business accounting; and many upgrade for this reason alone. QuickBooks is easier to learn than proprietary packages and is what most accountants expect you to use, and use themselves. QuickBooks has more powerful G/L, Banking, A/P, and can do payroll. It has a far better bill-paying process and much more extensive, customizable, graphing-capable reporting.

5)       Simplified Learning– ServiceShop is much easier to learn than Senior Service Manager

6)       New Features – ServiceShop offers over 250 new features.

7)       Integration to the outside world - MS Word, the Internet, QuickBooks, Worldpac SpeedDIAL

8)       Keeping Current - Senior Service Manager locks you on old hardware; ServiceShop is your gateway to the future

9)       Morale - Employees old and new will be happier and more comfortable using true Windows software

10)    Company Value – your company is simply worth more on current technology

Top Features of ServiceShop

1)      Windows – copy, cut, paste, font control, color control, spell checker, and more!

2)      Huge improvement in service orders – unlimited length labor lines, labor line association, portrait or landscape orientation, specific printer, and number of copies on the fly – even duplex printing!

3)      Huge improvement in time tracking – track time by line

4)      Huge improvement in matrix pricing – easier to implement; margins will improve when you use it!

5)      Integration with QuickBooks – accounting is just plain better, and easier, and standardized

6)      Menu pricing – show one price for each job! You WILL make more money if you use this feature

7)      Multiple document handling –work on as many documents as you like at the same time

8)      Technician worksheet – if your techs pull their own parts, you’re going to love this

9)      Create service templates on the fly – any job can instantly be saved as a template

10)   Huge improvement in customer source tracking – tracks customer referrals separately; tracks customer source on a per invoice basis; tree view makes setting up source hierarchy a snap


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