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What is Non-Contract Support?


Non-Contract Support can be found in your Support Access Agreement under section 4 “Limitations” A copy can be found on our website.  

4. LIMITATIONS: This agreement provides access to email and telephone support on the proper use of the software Product listed above, and access to Versions. No other services are covered by this agreement. While access to services not covered by this agreement is provided for by this agreement, such services are fee-based (“Non-Contract Support”) and will incur Non-Contract Support charges at GenesisFour's then current rates for such services. Examples of Non-Contract Support include but are not limited to:
(i) Repair or replacement of Products required as a result of causes other than normal use, including, without limitation, repair, maintenance, alteration or modification of the Products by persons other than GenesisFour personnel
(ii) accident, fault or negligence of the Licensee
(iii) operator error (either hardware or software related) including but not limited to incorrect data entry
(iv) misuse or improper use of the Products
(v) external damage to the Product such as failure of electrical supply, or fire, lightning, or water damage
(vi) hardware support of any kind
(vii) support of non- GenesisFour hardware or software
(viii) operating system support
(ix) data recovery from backup media for any reason
(x) data or database repair.
Non-Contract support services will be at GenesisFour's then current rates, billable on a one hour minimum charge basis. Long distance telephone charges for modem support, and all travel and transportation expenses incurred by GenesisFour for on-site services should they become, in GenesisFour’s sole discretion, necessary, is the responsibility of the Licensee, and will be reimbursed to GenesisFour. Accounting and/or bookkeeping support arising from incorrect entries and/or lack of familiarity with accounting principles is Non-Contract & fee-based.


And you should read it over. We left this with very small text because that isn’t what you need to know. What you do need to know is what you will be charged for if you ask for help. Common sense helps out a lot and I know you know what I mean.

  • A customer gets a new water pump from you and three months later the exhaust falls off, is it covered?


  • You bought a new brake lathe a month ago and your oil change tech drives over it with a customer car and bends the shaft, is it covered?


  • Ever since you fixed my tire I noticed the wipers don’t clear as well as they should. Is it covered?


  • You upgrade your ServiceShop Management System 2 days ago and the backup no longer works properly, is it covered under support?


  • My printer doesn’t work with ServiceShop ever since I upgraded Windows, is this a support issue?


  • None of the workstations connect to the server, is this a ServiceShop issue?


Our answer has always been the same. “Let’s look it over”. If it’s covered there will be no charge but if the failure is just a failure, or if someone inadvertently readjusted the unadjustable or if it just something that needs to be handled we will handle it and send the bill along during the next month. We cannot and will not quote repair in advance. This is the same as the auto industry except for one small difference, during a complicated diagnosis of an automobile you will be able to call your customer to get additional authorization and fill them in on what has been accomplished so far. This cannot be done with these types of repairs. Any repairs under $500 will be handled without further authorization and any repairs over $500 will be discussed with the client. At no time will there be any contractual pricing given unless payment is asked for and is made in advance.


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