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What is the best way to contact and receive support?


The easiest way to contact support is by going to our website at and click on “Support” or go to then go to “Submit a Request". Since you're are on our website you've just completed this step. Read through this document and click the links to the left to continue.

Put in your company name, telephone number and email address. Follow this up with description of your request or issue. Remember, “Please Call", "Call Me", and "Help” are all inadequate as this does nothing to get the right person working on your request. Make sure you tell us who you are and what company you're with.

The procedure at this point is for you to receive a call from either Ed or GT. If Ed calls he is calling to let you know that the request was received and the approximate turnaround time before someone from the support department will be in touch.

GT will address your request in the order in which it was received. When GT calls he will either resolve your issue or if it needs to be researched he will get it researched. There are times when the request is sent up to Dimitri for what we call Tier 2 Support. In order to tell you how we dispatch this type of request I will give you an automotive analogy I think shop owners can relate to. When an idle problem must be reassigned to your lead Technician. Just like in your shop when your lead tech must finish all the work in front of him before tackling the next car, Dimitri must also deal with these issues in a certain order. As in the initial support request, first come first served is always the fairest but also impractical at times. A "system down" situation that could not be fixed by GT will become first on Dimitri’s list unless there is another emergency that got there first. "System down" always gets our top priority yet sometimes the wait time may still be a couple of hours. We try hard to keep you informed of cost and where you stand on the list. In the same vein a difficult support request that needs to be escalated to Tier 2 Support will be handled using 2 basic scheduling rules, s it a standard support issue or non-contract support  and second, in what order did it arrive?


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