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"I just checked our sales for the month and our gross profit is up by at least 20%. This is almost entirely due to using ServiceShop."
Lori Williams
Gary's Full Service Auto Repair Aurora, CO

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The GenesisFour SX100* Server

The GenesisFour SX100* server was introduced in early 2007 to help our clients make a proper choice in quality hardware. Not a consumer computer or a business computer, this commercial computer was designed with specific requirements by our own GenesisFour staff led by Dimitri Patakidis. The server is equipped with the current Intel Xeon processor, two 1 terabyte mirrored hard drives, 4 gig RAM, a CD/DVD and is delivered to your door preconfigured along with an APC uninterruptible power supply, a flat panel monitor and Grisoft award winning AVG antivirus. The computer is running Windows Server2008 Standard Edition. The ‘no compromise’ mantra led us to the latest configuration of the server with 2 additional Removable Hard Drives allowing us to back up nightly to the additional drive.

All this with ServiceShop or Senior Service Manager already preinstalled, just unpack and your ready to go.  

Whether you are buying ServiceShop by GenesisFour for the first time or you are just replacing old equipment remember, we know what we sell and you will be happy with it.

*All specifications are subject to change.

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