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Whether it's an estimate, a service order, or a final invoice, the quality of the document you put in front of your service customer is every bit as important as the quality of service work itself. It plays an enormous role in formulating their first impression, and in solidifying their final impression - of you, of your staff, and of your entire operation.

Our customers say that ServiceShop's clean, straightforward customer documents are by far the best they have ever seen. We couldn't agree more. In one glance they instantly communicate total professionalism, and yet they are as easy to understand as they are to create.

Service customers require a clear, concise explanation of the service work they've just purchased. The moment they start to feel confused by their bill is the moment they start to mistrust. Having the perfect invoice means the customer asks fewer questions, pay without hesitation, and leave with a feeling of comfort and contentment. This in turn means less stress for you, and more time for your service advisor to write and sell service.

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Anatomy of the Perfect Service Invoice

  1. Company Name (prints either company or division name)
  2. Header (configurable background color)
  3. Labor Description & Pricing (unlimited length labor lines, font and color control, spell check; parts for this job appear directly under the labor description)
  4. Document Type & Number
  5. Labor Description
  6. Parts Listing (configurable to print part numbers or internal numbers so that you cannot be shopped; prices can be enabled or disabled)
  7. Job Total (configurable to show or hide labor times; configurable to show parts and labor breakdown, or just job total)
  8. Recommended Service (unlimited length; stores and imports pre-written recommendations)
  9. Company Disclaimer (configurable by division)
  10. Document Total (shows/hides discounts; supports different menu pricing styles)
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