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ServiceShop is all set up in a Windows environment. The on-site training & support is tops in the industry. And ServiceShop exports to QuickBooks!
"Believe me it can do it all!!”
Gerry Frank
Auto Repair Technology,
Brook Park, OH

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ServiceShop - Feature List


Introducing ServiceShop


ServiceShop is a brand of shop management software which has it all: unlimited growth potential, and a totally consistent Windows-compliant interface that is easy to learn by anyone familiar with Windows programs in a single sitting. If you have looked at everything and been satisfied with nothing, your endless search for exactly the right shop management system has just come to a conclusion.


What’s new in ServiceShop

At a glance, here are some of the new features in ServiceShop that help to distinguish this product from its competition.

    • All new SearchPaq- Estimates, created simply, from your history
    • All new Minimum Profit Goal calculator
    • Oil Change Sticker Printer calculates proper return date based on driving habits
    • Finance Charge
    • Canadian Compliant
    • All components of a job (labor, parts, sublets, fees, tech time, etc) are fully associated
    • Unlimited length labor lines with full font control and spell check
    • Import labor operations from one estimate to another
    • Displays the total of each entire operation
    • Profit Totals Box is completely customizable.
    • All customer documents can incorporate end-user generated custom graphics at both top and bottom.
    • All customer documents support color printing.
    • Complete mailing and marketing system uses Microsoft Word 2007
    • Supports email address internally so you can quickly drop an email to your customers
    • Generate a map to any customer’s address in the system.
    • Create a service template (canned job) from any labor line
    • Order parts from within a service order
    • Parts numbers are created, maintained, and sold all from the same screen
    • Fractional on-hand quantities for any part in the system
    • Fully integrated time management with 24 hour support (techs can now work across midnight)
    • Unlimited number of payment types
    • Unlimited number of sale types
    • Support for unlimited number of tax structures
    • Dollar cap on Service Supplies


Incredible Range of Features in a Modern Design

ServiceShop incorporates all the great ideas and intense functionality of the original Seervice2000, with years of enhancements to offer you the most functional and appealing shop management solution in the industry. Finally… a product that truly does grow with you as your business grows. Here is a shop management system that does everything you want - Service, Inventory, Scheduling, Accounting, Time Management, Automatic Profit Calculators, Canned Jobs, Automatic Web Updates – and nothing you don’t – Are you ready to start enhancing your company’s efficiency, and improving its profitability? In a multi-user environment, ServiceShop runs as a client-server application (not peer-to-peer) and it will remain completely stable regardless of the number of users simultaneously connected to the database.

Service Invoicing

    • Labor line associated
    • Re-order labor lines - all associated parts, fees, etc move with labor line
    • Full font control - size, color, bold, italic
    • Spell checker (everywhere that matters)
    • Configurable customer invoices
    • Color support: configure header font and background color
    • Incorporate your own logo
    • Internal Profit Calculator w/Minimum Profit Goals
    • Dedicated P.O. field for every ticket


    • Identical interface as service orders
    • Labor line associated
    • Import from one estimate to another
    • Incorporate your own logo
    • Internal Profit Calculator w/Minimum Profit Goals

Service Templates-JobPaq

    • Adds ability to create canned jobs
    • Labor line associated
    • Identical interface as service orders
    • Every conceivable scenario is addressed (all or specific years, makes, or models)
    • Includes ability to create Service Templates from service orders

Time Management

    • Adds technician time management system which is fully interactive with service desk
    • Allows technicians to work across midnight

Parts Inventory

    • Extensive physical inventory capability
    • Fractional on-hand quantities
    • Lookup and update part numbers from same screen
    • Begins and contains search on both part number and description
    • Unlimited number of fees.


    • Combines multiple parts into new part number - Parts Kitting
    • Allows Service Template importing into Counter Ticket


    • Technician Reporting
    • Sales Report
    • Customer Reporting
    • Cash Out Report
    • Reports go to Excel
    • Sales by Outside Salesman
    • Fleet Report
    • Inventory Reports
    • Service Follow-up
    • Marketing Reports

Custom Reporting (Optional)

    • Allows you to create and store your own reports

Cash Register

    • Performs cashouts
    • Posts to QuickBooks
    • Handles multiple physical cash drawers
    • Handles petty cash


    • Adds comprehensive vendor database
    • Email Vendors directly from within ServiceShop.
    • Handles purchase ordering
    • Vendor note field
    • Handles vendor returns

Multiple Divisions/Locations

    • Unlimited divisions/Locations or profit centers.
    • Reports divisional and combined division gross profit.
    • QuickBooks reports divisional and combined division’s net profit.
    • All Invoices can print Divisional or Location Name
    • Multiple Labor rates

Multi-location Capability

    • ServiceShop can handle an unlimited number of multiple locations.
    • Multiple standalone servers
    • Single server with multiple databases (one for each location)
    • Single server with a single database (using multi-location feature)


    • Provides scheduling functionality
    • Track available and booked hours
    • Warns of over booking appointments
    • Tracks loaners and waiters
    • Allows an unlimited number of schedules
    • Emails Appointment confirmation and updates
    • Sends email confirmation to Journal

Marketing & Mailing

    • Interfaces with Microsoft Word 2007
    • Adds complete customer mailing and sorting capability
    • Supports exporting to a comma-delimited file
    • Includes pre-defined letters for "Long Lost", "Recommended Repairs", "Service Due", and "Follow-up"
    • Includes innovative query-builder for custom mailings
    • Supports long or short Recommended Repair descriptions
    • Supports emailing and/or printing of letters
    • Supports Postcards
    • Integrates with Microsoft MapPoint to provide easy mapping of Customers
    • Includes follow up reporting
    • Include source reports


Wincat Parts-Select Catalog

    • Supports Wrenchead Electronic Parts Catalog
    • Supports importing of catalog parts onto estimates and service order/invoices
    • Provides immediate access to thousands of aftermarket part numbers, organized by vehicle.
    • Includes Mitchell Labor Guide
    • Includes Pearl Communications' Tire Guides data
    • Includes Motor Preventive Maintenance Schedules
    • Includes OEM to Aftermarket (& vice versa) Part Number Interchange Utility

Worldpac speedDIAL Interface

    • Connects the ServiceShop ordering process directly to Worldpac
    • Supports on-line / internet parts ordering
    • Imports part directly into estimates, service order/invoices, and purchase orders
    • Automatically handles creation of parts in your inventory

Data Import Utility

    • Adds ability to import parts data from various third party sources including Nu-way
    • Creates part numbers within ServiceShop
    • Imports both cost and list prices
    • Provides ability to perform parts data price updates

Automatic Updates Over The Web

ServiceShop updates itself over the web! Keeping your system current requires nothing more than establishing your Internet connection and clicking the "Update ServiceShop" icon on your server. The program will immediately check the GenesisFour server for an available update. If an update is available, a notification screen will appear, Click "Download", and voila! Within seconds you’ll be running the latest release. Release notes for the update will appear in a web browser.


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