Service200 by GenesisFour

Release 8 - Change Log

Build 84763

  • Corrected issue with opening a Service Order from an appointment.


Build 84762

  • Added Vehicle year on Service order window title.

  • Added Fleet# on Service Order window title.

  • Removed Make from Service order window title.

  • Orders are created with IN mileage based on user input and not looking up the last known, "stale" mileage.

  • Producing Invoice checks for 0 IN miles and prompts for entry of IN and OUT mileage.


Build 84756

  • Sort Technician selection list alphabetically when running the Technician punch-in times report.

  • Added Advisor in Non Stocking parts on Service Orders report.


Build 84754

  • Corrected supplies limit on Credits.

  • Corrected using special sort of parts when entering inventory sheets by group.

  • Added saving Sales by Group report to a text file.

  • Added printing second Company line on Statements.

  • Fixed blank line when second Customer address line is blank.

  • Added Fleet# on Service Due report.

  • Added report on Non Stocked parts on Service Orders.

  • Corrected job time calculation when exceeding 12 hours on a single job.

  • Added Parts on Tickets with 0.00 selling price are not printed on the ticket.

  • Corrected "Display Quantity" of Parts is now saved when changed.

  • Added sorting on Vehicle column headers when in Customer Tab in Customer Desktop.

  • Added Vehicle information and outgoing mileage on Service Order window title.

  • Added outgoing Mileage check when Invoice is produced.

  • Changed when average mileage is calculated from Accepting Payment to Produce Invoice.

  • Added Report on Technician punch-in times for a Service Order.

  • Corrected tax totals refreshing when Customer Tax status is changed.

  • Changed login graphics.



Build 84729

  • Corrected Roll-up W-Time checkbox label in Technician Work Report.

  • Fixed an issue with Estimate and Service order total refreshing when Fees are involved.


Build 84727

  • Added routine to set the customer's first sale date.


Build 84723

  • Fixed a bug in Counter Part Invoices that allowed for deleting of counter part invoices.


Build 84719

  • Improved the overall speed when punching into and calculating very large service orders (30+ labor operations)

  • Added support for word-wrapping in the technician notes editor on service orders


Build 84707

  • Added support for the new file format for the Wrenchead Part-Select WinCat catalog. This also fixes an issue with importing cost data caused by the recent change in the WinCat file format.

  • Changed the Wrenchead Part-Select WinCat  interface to use the List, Cost, and Description from Service2000 when the part already exists in the system.


Build 84695

  • Added "Quick Quote" feature. This dialog can be used for quickly quoting a price for a part 'installed' such as "4 tires, installed". To run, select a part in the Inventory window and select "Quick Quote" from the Tools menu.

  • Fixed an issue with deleting labor lines with parts from a credit

  • Fixed an issue with merging customers that could orphan counter part invoices


Build 84688

  • Fixed an issue with generating stocking levels that raised an error message when Quick Purchase had been used on a part.

  • Added totals for Current, Prior, and After hours for the Work Preformed on Open Service Orders section of the Technician Work Report.


Build 84685

  • Added the ability to change the customer for an open Service Order. This is done from the Utilities menu in Configuration.

  • Added the ability to rollup W-Time on the Technician Work Report.

  • Added a Preview option to the Technician Work Report. This option allows you to send the report directly to the printer rather than previewing it first.

  • Double-clicking a W-Time in the W-Time selection dialog will now select the W-Time and close the dialog.

  • The layout of the Time Clock as been updated with larger buttons, better spacing between buttons, and a larger Technician selection box.


Build 84676

  • The Appointment Schedule now shows 60 days back and 200 days forward (previously is showed 20 days back and 40 days forward)

  • Added support for vehicles with mileage up to 9,999,999 miles (previously it only went to 999,999 miles)



Build 84666

  • Fixed an issue with receiving Purchase orders with lines linked to paid Invoices. It will now push the the parts into inventory correctly.

  • Improved performance of the Accept Payment dialog. Users experiencing excessive delay in accepting payment after this patch should see Knowledge Base Article #10026.


Build 84656

  • Corrected problem with cross-referenced obsolete parts being added to a Purchase Order.


Build 84655

  • Added ability to force tax to be applied on a per-part basis for customers who are set to be tax exempt. This allows the system to handle tax situations such as New Jersey's luxury tax where tax must be charged on certain parts even if the customer is tax exempt (applicable when the parts behind are for vehicles over 28,000 lbs). From within an invoice, double click the part line and check off "Force Tax".

  • Added the ability to edit the Part Number and Description fields for parts on a Purchase Order. From within the Purchase Order, double click the part line; the Part Number and Description fields are now editable.

  • Fixed sort order issue with inventory sheets for taking physical inventory by group.

  • Fixed issue with Total Value on the Overstocked Inventory report.

  • Fixed error with printing statements when accepting payment to a customer's account.


Build 84646

  • Added ability to print or print preview Recommended Repairs from the Recommended Repairs window. (See also next item.)

  • Added "Show All" feature to Recommended Repairs" window, which allows you display (or print) all recommended repairs for this vehicle rather than just the recommended repairs entered from within the current service order. (Previously the only way to view all recommended repairs for a specific vehicle was to access the recommended repairs window from the Customer Editor. Now you can switch between viewing and/or printing recommended repairs for this service order, or all of them.)

  • Added Service Advisor to the status window

  • Fixed issue with change the source of a customer

  • Fixed "No linked vehicle record found" error

  • Added new report: "A/R Aging Report".

  • Added new report: “Sales Audit by Advisor Report"; shows every transaction associated with the Advisor for a given date range.

  • Added "Sales Audit by Representative Report"; shows every transaction associated with the Sales Rep on the customer (as opposed to the Advisor on the ticket) for a given date range.

  • Enhanced "Sales by Advisor Report" to show similar details as were found in Senior Service Manager.

  • Enhanced "Sales by Source Report" to allow inclusion of all customers or only new customers.

  • Enhanced "Sales Report" - added option to show individual invoices when printing the sales report for multiple cash outs.

  • Added Contact name to Invoices, Estimates, Orders, and Parts Invoices when the Company Name is same as "File As"
    (rather than printing Company Name twice, it now swaps out Company for Contact).

  • Contact name can now be included or excluded from address labels (this selection is made from the "Fields" drop down list in the "Print Shipping Label" window).

  • Batch A/R Statements: now provide the option to choose a printer when starting the job.

  • Batch A/R Statements: added option to include Contact name.

  • Batch A/R Statements: added option to not create a statement entry when running batch A/R statements.

  • Batch A/R Statements: added option to force creation of statement entries for customers with zero balances.

  • Batch  A/R Statements: added option to include or exclude unpaid invoices from prior statement periods.

  • Individual A/R Statements: added option to include or exclude Contact name.

  • Freight and Service Supplies will only show on invoices and estimates if they are any (whether menu pricing is used or not).

  • Menu pricing totals box style "Show Limited Totals" will now show Freight and Service Supplies Supplies (if there are any).

  • Newly created purchase orders now pre-populate the "Invoice Date" field with today's date (the field is still editable).

  • Open By Number is now orders of magnitude faster.

  • Changed the cash out report to sort the payment types in alphabetical order.

  • Enabled the menu option "View Totals" in Service Templates (only the button was available before).

  • Technician Worksheet now displays the formatted version of the labor line (rather than plain text).

  • Technician Worksheet now shows the correct Bin Location.

  • Fixed delay issue with opening/creating purchase orders.

  • Fixed issue with contact name on vendor labels.

  • Fixed issue on A/R Aging report that caused 120+ day old invoices to display twice.

  • Fixed a bug with the A/R credit column displaying too small.

  • Fixed a bug with Worldpac speedDIAL not stripping irrelevant charters (spaces, dashes, etc.) before checking for duplicates.

  • Fixed a bug in Purchase Orders that allowed a negative cost entry on a part.

  • Fixed a bug with the Schedule that caused new appointments to default to today's date. The Schedule now correctly sets the date for new appointments to the same date you have selected on the Schedule window.

  • Fixed a number of transaction scope issues in the accepting payment code.

  • Fixed bug with the system not refreshing credited time if the labor line was edited and the hours changed.
    (Prior to this fix, the system would refresh credited time only when the order was invoiced.)

  • Fixed bug with Time so Far that caused it to not show the correct time.


Build 84536

  • Critical Fix - Corrects further time punch problems with Build 84525 detected after it was announced. Users who upgraded to Build 84521 or 84525 should immediately upgrade to this Build. As mentioned above, it is imperative that all Service2000 sessions be closed and restarted after this upgrade has completed so that all PC clients will be upgraded.

  • Added "Time So Far" Button to Time Clock Screen. When clicked, displays the current technician's "total time so far" for the currently selected service order (only works if technician is punched out).


Build 84525

  • Critical Fix - An error in Build 84521 causes erroneous time punch entries on the Service Order Time tab, which also gives a false total of actual time. Credited time and billed time were unaffected.

  • Build 84525 includes a fix for this error as well as a utility to correct any erroneous entries caused by it. Users who upgraded to Build 84521 should immediately upgrade to Build 84525.


Build 84521

  • Added an optional ($150) product module for WorldPac speedDIAL has been to the system.
    Contact GenesisFour at 800-YES-GEN4 X10 to purchase and enable this module.
    Plus Pack users are entitled to this module at no additional charge.

  • Added Technician Worksheet that may be printed from within a service order by clicking on "Technician Worksheet" from the File menu. This shows information specifically relevant to the technician (estimated labor time, parts that have been placed on the service order, linked parts from purchase orders in italics, and bin location for each part). NOTE:  The amount of white space appearing underneath each labor line (intended for handwritten technicians' notes) is configurable by changing the "Worksheet Whitespace" setting under Configuration / Local Settings / Miscellaneous.

  • Added a completely redesigned Main Menu (this is now the "Standard Main Menu"). This old Main Menu has been renamed "Advanced Main Menu". The two menu styles may be toggled by choosing "Use Advanced Main Menu" or "Use Standard Main Menu" from the File menu.

  • The layout of the Technician Time Clock screen has been changed to accommodate other changes in this release.

  • Added the "Labor Line" description to the Job Time section of the Technician Time Clock. This allows technicians to see the labor line associated with each time punch.

  • Added "Notes" button to the Technician Time Clock. This button allows the technician to open and edit the Technician Notes section of the service order without requiring direct access to the actual service order. Double-clicking the punch entry will also open the Technician Notes for the associated Labor Line.

  • Fixed an issue with record locking between the Technician Time Clock and the Service Editor.

  • Fixed an issue with sluggish response when changing labor lines in the Service Editor (especially when viewing the Time tab).

  • Fixed an issue with sluggish response when opening the Totals box for Orders, Estimates, and Invoices.

  • Fixed a security issue with Open Ticket By Line.

  • Fixed a problem with negative numbers on the Manual Changes to Inventory report.

  • Fixed a problem with cash outs and fees sometimes causing out of balance cash outs.

  • Fixed a problem with Advanced Tab settings not saving correctly.


Build 84430

  • The system will now automatically calculate the vehicle's average mileage when accepting payment on a service invoice. You may also manually recalculate this number by clicking the button immediately to the right of the Average Mileage field on the vehicle editor.

  • Fixed an issue with the Discounted Invoices report that caused it to only show a single invoice on some systems.

  • Changed the mnemonic for the service editor's Import menu from "I" to "R".

  • The Service Order Properties will now allow you to select Advisor names longer than 15 characters.

  • Fixed an error with exporting credited fees to QuickBooks.


Build 84417

  • Critical Fix - S2K_BACKUP user account was expiring causing the backup task to not execute. This only effected Service2000 Network Edition.

  • Added support for CustomerLink Recommendation Letters. Select "Include Recommended Repairs" when running the CustomerLink export.

  • The "Company Work Report" now uses the Paid Date rather than the Order Date.

  • The "Total Sales by Advisor" report will no longer display "locked" Advisors

  • Batch Statements will no longer ask you if you want a statement line. This does not affect individual statements printed directly from the customer's A/R.

  • The "Customer Sales by Vehicle" report will now only show data based on paid invoices


Build 84402

  • Added the customer's email address to the list of fields exported by Mailing & Marketing.

  • Added the Mailing & Marketing module to the Demonstration Edition module selection window.

  • Fixed an error with fee calculation on Counter Part Invoices

  • History Purchases can now display negative values in Monthly Totals

  • Mailing & Marketing will now correctly remember the last template used


Build 84392

  • When creating a new appointment from within a service order, the system will now automatically populate the appointment's estimated time and estimated total fields.

  • The MSRP field will now be populated when importing parts with the "Import Parts from File" utility.

  • The Technician Work Report has been changed to more accurately report on work on open orders during the selected time period.


Build 84385

  • Fixing/undoing an A/R payment will now zero out the original entry in the customer's account. The old method resulted in the "Accounts Receivable" report showing incorrect aging data.

  • When importing a Service Template the system will attempt to import cross-referenced parts if the original part number is not in stock.

  • Fixed an error with the invoice discount algorithm that could cause out of balance cash outs if a discounted invoice included freight charges.

  • The "Inventory on Open Invoices" report will now show the correct grand totals.


Build 84374

  • When importing an Estimate line that originated from a Service Template (to a service order), the system will now recursively check for Service Due information and import it onto the service order.

  • Added an "On Hold" status to the Service Status window for when an Order has had tech time accrued but no technician is currently punched in on the ticket.

  • Fixed an error with Service Status what falsely showed "In Progress" Orders as "Not Started".

  • Removed the Last Punch column from Technician Status. This information created too much confusion. It will be reworked and replaced in a future release.

  • Fixed an error with Technician Status that would cause technician status to get "stuck" on the first Order they punched in on for the day.


Build 84370

  • Fixed an error with the updating of Technician records.


Build 84369

  • The speed of receiving a Purchase Order with linked parts has been greatly increased.

  • The Invoiced Date field now displays properly when the Service Invoice is first printed.

  • Fixed a typo on the Accounts Receivable report

  • Fixed a sequence error that occurred when creating new Technician records.


Build 84359

  • The system will now update the cost of each part to the current Average Cost when importing a Service Template.

  • Added “Refresh Part Costs” to the Tools menu of the Service Template Manager. This will set the cost of each part, on each template, to the current Average Cost.

  • Added “Refresh Labor Category Rates” to the Tools menu of the Service Template Manager. This will set the each labor line’s labor rate to the current rate for the associated Labor Category (if any).

Build 84356

  • Added "Unobsolete by Inventory Group" to the Utilities menu of the Configuration window.

  • The "Obsolete Unused Inventory" utility has been moved to the Utilities menu of the Configuration window.


Build 84348

  • Fixed a problem with creating new Inventory Groups.

  • The system will now check to make sure a valid Date Due is entered for all Service Due entries.

  • Fixed a problem with converting Supercessions to Cross-References in the Senior Service Manager to Service2000 conversion.

  • Fixed a bug with the Online Updates module that sometimes caused it to bring up the Release 7 version of the dialog.

  • The "Round To" feature has been temporarily removed pending adjustments to the rounding method it uses.


Build 84333

  • Added "Show Only In Stock Parts" to the Inventory Pad report.

  • Fixed an issue with discounted invoices not reporting on taxes properly if there were more than one tax applied.

  • The Sales Report can now display a negative Profit %.

  • The sort order of Service Templates when importing onto a document has been adjusted to place Any/Any matches at the bottom of the list.

  • The field order of the totals box for the Service Invoice has been adjusted to place Discount above the Sub Total. The Sub Total and Tax fields have also been changed to reflect the post-discount figure.

  • Tax is no longer discounted along with the other line items. Rather it is re-calculated based on the discounted Sub Total.  


Build 84318

  • The HAT# will now properly rename itself on the Service Status window and Service Order Properties dialog.

  • Accept Payment will now reset the amount of change to be given to $0.00 when the amount paid is less than or equal to the invoice total.

  • When importing an Estimate onto a Service Order, the system will now pull the cost for the parts from the live inventory rather than the older amount stored with the Estimate.

  • Fixed a problem with the Unlock Invoice command leaving the Invoiced Date behind. This caused several other problems including the document getting listed twice on the Technician Work Report.


Build 84312

  • Added the fields "Last Invoice Date" and "Last Invoice Mileage" to the data exported by Mailing & Marketing.

  • The VIN Links button will now display when there are three or more vehicles with the same VIN number.

  • The "Estimated Job $" field will no longer re-calculate when importing a Service Template with no associated parts. It will use the amount entered into the "Estimated Job $" field on the Template's labor line.

  • The Fleet# field will now properly rename itself on the Customer Desktop / Service tab.

  • The printed Service Invoice has been corrected to show the pre-discount totals for Labor, Parts, Sublets, Supplies, Subtotal, and Tax in the grand totals box.

  • The keyboard accelerators (hot-keys) for the Customer Desktop tabs are now fully working.


Build 84300

  • The VIN Links dialog now displays the customer's name along with the vehicle information.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Customer Desktop to not automatically select the customer record after adding a new customer to the database.

  • The system will no longer incorrectly mark an invoice as paid if the you close Split Payment dialog while accepting payment on the invoice.

  • Service Orders will no longer ask for the Customer Source twice if you selected Customer Referral as the source type.

  •  The Service Template's Totals window is now working correctly.


Build 84292

  • Improved Upgrade from Senior Service Manager.

  • Added "Recommended Repairs Report"

  • Added "Customer Follow Up Report"

  • Added "Customer Vehicle Sales Report" (includes "cost per mile/month")

  • Added "Parts Ignoring Matrix Report"

  • Added "Manual Inventory Changes Report".
    This feature must be enabled in Configuration, System Settings, System defaults.
    You might also wish to consider re-evaluating who has permission to make manual
    changes to inventory. This is done in Configuration, System Settings, Application Security,
    Inventory: Update.

  • Added "Discounted Invoices Report"

  • Added "Purchase Order Stocking List"

  • Added Service Due / Recommended Repairs Dialog

  • Added Vehicle Notes

  • Added "Automatically Configure Stocking Levels" to Configuration

  • Added Counter Part Invoice Notes

  • Added "Duplicate Part on Ticket" Warning

  • Added VIN History Linking

  • Added "Search for Service Description" to the Customer Desktop

  • Added "Checked By" field to Service Orders

  • Added "Track Manual Inventory Changes" option to Configuration

  • Added "First Time Customers Only" option to Mailing & Marketing / Follow Up

  • Added Detailed Sales and Purchase history for each part

  • Added "Import Parts from File" to the Maintain Inventory window

  • Added "Service Status" Window

  • Added "Check Availability" to Service Template and Estimates

  • Added "Print Company or Divisional Name" to Division Configuration

  • Added "Print Appointment Detail" to Schedule Report

  • Added "Postal Code Manager" for editing Postal/Zip codes

  • Added "Incomplete Address Utility"

  • Added "Print Parts List" to Service Orders, Estimates, and Service Templates

  • Added "Reprice All Parts" to Service Orders and Estimates

  • Added a icon for sending an email to a Vendor to the Vendor Editor.

  • When you attach a vehicle to an Appointment, the system will now ask for the customer if one was not previously selected.

  • The Mailing & Marketing screens have been redesigned to make them easier to use and have a more consistent user interface.

  • Fixed an problem with "Select Service Order by Number" that occasionally hung some systems.

  • Long Lost letters no longer include erroneous entries

  • Updating a part entry on a Service Order no longer causes an error.

  • Fixed an error with voided cash outs causing the cash in drawer to fall out of balance.

  • The  Stocking Order Report will now create a single PO for each vendor, rather than a separate PO for each part.

  • Undone A/R payments no longer leave behind associated expense entries.

  • Invoice numbers over 100,000 now display the entire number on the service tab.

  • Discounted invoices now decrease each total type (labor, parts, fees, tax, etc) by proportional amounts rather than simply discounting the grand total.

  • The Service Due and Recommended Repairs windows will now warn you that your changes will be lost if you attempt to close the window while still in edit mode.

  • The Customer Editor now closes properly when you cancel the creation of a new customer.

  • The Sublet tab now displays properly after creating an Estimate.

  • The tab order in the Price Matrix dialog is now in the correct order.

  • The "Tax Exempt" check box on the Sublet tab will now default to unchecked when adding a new sublet to the ticket.
  • The problem with Purchase Orders and Part Invoices over-printing the header on the second page has been corrected.
  • Service History now displays the vehicles history in SO# order (from oldest to newest).
  • The Schedule window now includes the Waiting and Loaner status for each appointment in the appointment browser.
  • Fixed a transaction problem that was causing a lock table (-L) error when making changes to exceptionally large Inventory Groups (over 8,000 parts).
  • The online update programs will now work properly when the system is configured to use larger font sizes.
  • A new menu was added to the Configuration window named "Utilities". It includes the "Build Mitchell Index", "Incomplete Address Utility", and the "Postal Code Manager".
  • The overstock report now properly handles obsolete items.

  • A minor problem with tab order has been corrected in the Inventory Window.

  • Scanning a bar code from within a PO will now add that part to the PO.

  • The Technician Work Report will no longer lock up the system if it is run without any technicians selected.

  • Account Receivable statements now default to the correct name when printing to file (or .PDF). There was a typo in the name that caused it to come up as "statment".

  • The "Learn Bar Code" function will now work properly when the bar code reader is configured to send an F8 as the preamble.

  • All of the Reports in the system have been updated to ensure that the title on the printed report matches the title of the report in the Reporting window.

  • Added Company Phone, Company Fax, and Previous Balance to Account Receivable statements

  • The sort order of Service Templates has been changed to include the Other field. The templates now sort by Make, Model, Starting Year, Ending Year, and Other (in that order).

  • Changed "Obsolete Unused Parts" to be based on the last sale date, rather than last purchase date

  • Fixed a minor issue with creating new vehicles that could cause the system to create vehicles without a proper internal identifier

  • Fixed a minor issue with Service Templates that allowed you to include a Service Due with no Mileage or Months. This would result in a error when printing any document that the template was added too.

  • The "Tax Exempt" check-box is no longer displayed on the Sublet tab when the system is configured to not tax sublets at all.

  • Fixed an issue with the Enter key in the Notes section of PO Properties that caused the dialog to close rather than insert a new line.

  • The Unpaid Invoices Report will now display the invoices in reverse chronological order.



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