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Replacement Media

A replacement CD is available to all supported users. There is no charge for the CD although there is a shipping and handling charge of $24.95. To order replacement media, call 843-461-4117 extension 104, or click here to place your order via email.

When ordering, be sure to specify the following three pieces of information:

1)  whether you're running Service Manager, Senior Service Manager, Service2000 or ServiceShop
2)  the version or build number of your software
3) the freight method you prefer

If your information is not specific enough to fill the order, you will be contacted as soon as possible for clarification. However, your order will likely be delayed.

Please note:

  • Older versions are outdated and may not be available. Replacement versions only operate with Progress Version 9.1e, you may need to update your Progress database in order to use the replacement CD.

  • All clients that are no longer supported will have to become supported before a CD is sent out. Please call 843-461-4117 extension 104 to arrange for support reactivation.

  • If your account has been terminated, please call 843-461-4117 extension 104 for information on purchasing a new license.


A replacement CD is available for versions listed below.


ServiceShop Build 9 - Available

Senior Service Manager 5.1e for Windows - Available  

Service2000 Build 8 –No Longer Available

Service2000 Build 7 – No Longer Available

Senior Service Manager 5.0 for Windows – No Longer Available

Senior Service Manager for Unix – No Longer Available

Senior Service Manager for DOS – No Longer Available

Service Manager for Xenix – No Longer Available           

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