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Automotive Shop Management System


ServiceShop - Product Features


Customer Management
  • Detailed customer information
  • Search for customers by any field
  • Self-maintains customer status
  • User-definable fields
  • Instant email to customer
  • Instant Yahoo Map lookup
  • National Postal Code database
  • Full Make/Model database
  • Multiple tax configurations
  • Labor rate by customer
  • Multiple price levels per customer
  • Customer and vehicle notes
  • File attachment support


Parts Inventory

  • Extensive physical inventory capability
  • Cost up or list down margin control
  • Fractional on-hand quantities (can
    be turned on or off by part number)
  • Search on both part number and description
  • Ability to automatically sell one
    or more fees with a part.
  • Weight
  • List Price Bump
  • Matrix pricing
  • File attachment support



  • Identical interface to service orders/invoices
  • Labor line association exactly like service orders/invoices
  • Reorder labor lines - all associated
    parts, fees, etc move with labor line
  • Labor categories per labor line
  • Import from one estimate to another - individual selected lines or all lines
  • Full font control - size, color, bold,
    italic, indent, outdent spell checker
  • Print preview
  • Portrait & landscape printing,
    selectable on the fly
  • Color-configurable invoices
  • Invoices can easily incorporate
    end-user produced graphics files


Accounts Receivable

  • Fully integrated A/R
  • Single & Batch Statements
  • Per-Invoice Payment Tracking
  • A/R Balance Report
  • A/R Aging Report


QuickBooks™ Integration*

  • Quick and easy export/import process
  • 2 Step Configuration Process
  • Maintains permanent dual audit trail


Service Templates

  • Predefined jobs
  • Identical structure to normal labor operations (labor, parts, fees, items,
    and sublets)
  • Can be associated with one or more specific years, makes, models
  • Can be imported onto Estimates and Order/Invoices
  • Quickly convert any labor operation
    into a template


Advanced Inventory

  • Adds Cross-Reference/Supersession support
  • Adds stocking levels and re-order points
  • Supports taking of physical inventory via detailed reports and data entry windows.
  • Includes reporting for stock orders, overstock items, cross-referenced parts, and inventory pad.



  • Comprehensive work scheduling system
  • Unlimited number of schedules
  • Books work based on available shop time
  • Tracks waiting customers
  • Tracks loaner vehicles
  • Includes schedule reports


Counter Part Sales

  • Adds support for Counter Part Invoices


Contacts Journal

  • Complete contact tracking for all customers and prospects
  • Alerts for follow-ups
  • Unlimited length descriptions for
    each contact


Phone Book

  • Electronic phone book for storing miscellaneous number and information
  • Supports name, phone number, and unlimited length note fields


Mailing & Marketing*

  • Adds complete customer mailing and sorting capability
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Word to provide automated mail merges and letter templates
  • Supports exporting to a comma-delimited file
  • Filterable by customer status
  • Includes pre-defined queries for
  • "Long Lost", "Recommended Repairs", "Service Due", and "Follow-up" letters
  • Includes innovative query-builder for custom mailings
  • Supports long or short Recommended Repair descriptions
  • Supports emailing and/or printing of letters
  • Integrates with Microsoft MapPoint to provide easy mapping of Customers
Service Writing
  • Labor line association
  • Re-order labor lines
  • Font, color, and formatting controls
  • Spell checker
  • Print preview
  • Portrait & landscape printing
  • Configure color of header font and background on all customer documents
  • Incorporate your own logo or other graphic at top and bottom on all customer documents
  • Dedicated field for customer purchase order on service order
  • Dedicated Hat/Key Tag number field for every ticket
  • Mileage in and mileage out
  • File attachment support


Service History

  • Viewable in two different modes - select from chronological list, use  VCR buttons
  • View entire service history for each vehicle for each customer
  • View every aspect of every service invoice ever done from within the service editor screen
  • View entire service invoice exactly as it would be printed in Print Preview mode
  • Bring up Totals Box and evaluate profitability of every service invoice ever done



  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Spending Report
  • Cash Out Report
  • All reports can be previewed on screen
  • Built-in customer report generator


Multiple Divisions

  • Unlimited number of divisions (profit centers)
  • Tracks and reports divisional and combined gross profit


Cash Register

  • Complete cash management and cash out functionality
  • Exports daily transactions to accounting system
  • Petty Cash
  • Miscellaneous Income
  • Miscellaneous Spending


Vendor Management

  • Complete Vendor desktop
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase history
  • Vendor Returns


Integrated Time Management

  • Technician Time Clock
  • Fully integrated with service desk
  • Daily Time In/Out
  • Tracks time on each invoice
  • Optional can support tracking time on each labor operation
  • Complete performance and productivity reporting
  • Complete time card audit trail
  • Status of each technician
  • Supports non-invoice time (called W-Time)
  • Ease to learn, efficient to use
  • Complete job costing on each invoice



  • Adds barcoding functionality to the Inventory Management
  • Allows the system to learn a barcode for each inventory item
  • Can produce a bar code for any inventory item which does not come with a barcode on the package
  • Prints barcoded labels for any item in inventory
  • Any inventory item can be immediately looked up by scanning it's barcode
  • Any inventory item can be added to an estimate, service order, purchase order, or counter-parts invoice by scanning its barcode


Customer Source Tracking

  • Tracks sources of all prospects, customers, and sales
  • Organized into separate "Source Groups"
  • Unlimited number of pre-defined sources
  • Supports customer records for use in customer referrals
  • Includes reporting on activity for each source by customer or sales history


Labor Categories

  • Can be assigned to any labor line (include lines on templates)
  • Optionally controls labor rate for the assigned line
  • Includes reporting on sales history by labor category


Wrenchead Wincat parts-Select Catalog Interface*

  • Supports Wrenchead Electronic Parts Catalog
  • Supports importing of catalog parts onto estimates and service order/invoices
  • Provides immediate access to thousands of aftermarket part numbers, organized by vehicle.
  • Includes Mitchell Labor Guide
  • Includes Pearl Communications' Tire Guides data
  • Includes Motor Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Includes OEM to Aftermarket (& vice versa) Part Number Interchange Utility


Worldpac speedDIAL Interface*

  • Connects the ServiceShop ordering process directly to Worldpac
  • Supports on-line / internet parts ordering
  • Imports part directly into estimates, service order/invoices, and purchase orders
  • Automatically handles creation of parts in your inventory


*Requires option  3rd party products.
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